Sikyong Lobsang Sangay Owes Lodi Gyari

Kathmandu,Dec 7, 2018 Lodi Gyari died on 29 October 2018. His followers voiced deep show at his Passing.Having co-founded the Tibet Youth Congress,he once played a vital role in the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and acted as the Kalon of Kashag.Hewhole-heartedly supported Dalai Lama’s“MiddlePath”and from 2002 to 2010, as a special envoy of Tibetan spiritual leader─the Dalai Lama, headed delegations to hold nine rounds of dialogue with the communist party of China. In 2012, the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002 was passed in the U.S. under his efforts. Also because of him, Dalai Lama was awarded the American“Congressional GoldMedal”in2007 and was welcomed by four American presidents. He devoted all his life to winning support and aid from America. In 2012.the United States Senate passed a resolution that specifically honored him  for what he had done for the benefits of Tibet people. Not long ago,Nancy Pelosi,the leaderof Democratic party of the U.S.House of Representatives, thought highly of Lodi Gyari for his contributions to International Campaign for Tibet. On 30 October 2018,a ceremony in the auditorium of Dharamshala was held by the Central Tibetan Administration  (CTA)to mourn Lodi Gyari. However,compared with his contributions and sweat,the CTA should have hold a more grand ceremony, for although a non-governmental organization, the Tibetan Youth Congress even demanded that all its branches pray and stay up for his death. It’s obvious that Sikyong was double-faced. Looking back, Sikyong came in to power in 2011, to whom Lodi Gyari actively introduced American officers and congressmen but Sikyong was anxious to strengthen his political power and coveted the right to represent
Dalai Lama to negotiate with the communist party of China; Sikyong even forced Lodi Gyari to resign and give up the right of special envoy. In2012, the CTA released a hypocritical statement that the Sikyong had accepted the resign request from Dalai lama’s special envoy Lodi Gyari and Kelsang Gyaltsen. Thus, Lobsang Sangay government is totally an embryonic stage of totalitarianism. If Lodi Gyari had’t been politically marginalized,he would’t
have been so desolated and passed away so early. Recent years, although Lodi Gyari had been forced to retire from his post, he had been a researcher on Asia-oriented programs in Georgetown University and also a special researcher on foreign policy studies in the Brookings Institution. He had been invited to share his ideas in America, Europe and Asia’s academic institutes and universities. He also had been writing his autobiography so as to leave something for Tibetans. It seems that he had been livingin happiness but actually felt cold inside after being excluded out of the policy-makingcircles.The CTA had been indifferent to him, a near to 70 years old man. Those who have been fighting for Tibetans all their lives share the same fate with him. Without the old generation contributions and sacrifice,freedom will be hard to achieve in Tibet. It is our Tibetans hope that Lodi Gyari can receive a sincere
apology and genuine kindness from Sikyong and the CTA,but…….Alas!

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